Terms and conditions


The website http://www.reclaimedoak.ro is provided by SC UNILEMN D&G SRL, Culciu Mare 247/A, RO 19235415, Satu Mare county.

User – the person visiting the website and interacting on it.

Buyer – any natural or legal entity placing an order on reclaimedoak.ro

Goods – the product or products made available to the buyer on the website for purchase and provided after a purchase agreement is signed.

Order – by means of an electronic document as a form of communication between the Seller and Buyer, through which the Buyer sends his/her intention to purchase goods via the website.

Specifications – all the specifications and/or descriptions, as these are mentioned/described on the website.

Agreement – represents the placing of a valid (confirmed) Order by the Buyer and its acceptance by the Seller in the chosen form.


In order to visit the website reclaimedoak.ro you need to consent to these terms of use.


The terms of use are accepted by the Buyer by simply accessing the website, representing the agreement between the Buyer and us in terms of the use of the website. If one of the provisions of this document proves to be void or invalid, all the other provisions remain valid. 


For a good cooperation, these terms of use may be changed at any time, without any notice or notification. Hence, we would like to ask you to take note of the terms and conditions of use with every order placed.


Contract objective – the sale of the Goods which the Buyer wishes to purchase from the website after previous validation and confirmation (availability, price, characteristics) of the order by the Seller. 

Order – any User of the website who wishes to purchase goods, selects products, consents to the Terms and Conditions of the online shop, then presses the “Add to shopping cart” button. In “My shopping cart” the Buyer can see the list of products, change quantities and confirm his/her intention to purchase by pressing the “Order” button. After pressing the “Order” button, the Buyer will introduce his/her identification date in order to finalize the order. After finalizing the order, the Buyer will receive a confirmation email from the Seller to validate the order and confirm the availability, price and characteristics of the products.

Price – represents the price established for the Goods included in the Order validated by the confirmation letter from the Seller. If due of a possible error, the price on the website is not the real one, the Seller informs the Buyer about the correct price in the confirmation email.

After registering the Order on the website, the Buyer agrees to the means of communication (by phone or email) used for a good development of the operations.

After placing an order, a confirmation of receipt is sent for informational purposes and it does not represent the acceptance of the Order. A confirmation of acceptance of the order is carried out by email or phone.

The contract is considered finalized when the goods are dispatched by the Seller to the Buyer.


The order will be dispatched at the Buyer’s expense using a courier service.

The products are delivered unassembled or assembled, as the case may be, in packages, in order for these to be transported under safe conditions, thus it will ensure the appropriate assembly of the Goods and delivery of the accompanying documents.

Upon receipt of the Order, the Buyer undertakes to check the condition of the Goods and make sure that the Goods comply with the technical specifications specified in the Order.


The ownership of the Goods is transferred upon delivery, after the Buyer has made the payment in the location indicated in the Order.

 The Seller cannot be held responsible for any damage the Buyer or a third party might suffer as a result of the fulfilment by the Seller of any of its obligations in compliance with the Order and for damages resulting from the use of the Goods after delivery and especially for their loss.


The price of the Goods found on the reclaimedoak.ro website is expressed in RON and represents the final purchase price, including VAT (the value added tax of 19% applicable in Romania).

The price and payment method are specified in the Order. The Seller will issue an invoice to the Buyer for the delivered Goods. The Buyer undertakes to correctly provide all the information required for issuing the invoice, in compliance with the current legislation.

For the payment of the ordered Goods you may choose one of the following payment methods: bank transfer, money order or cash on delivery.


All the Goods sold benefit from the warranty conditions granted in compliance with the current legislation and the trade policies of the manufacturers.

Any complaint will be accompanied by the invoice for the good and the warranty certificate. During the warranty period the Buyer is entitled to request free repair, within a reasonable period of time or the replacement of a product with quality defects, if these defects are not caused by the non-observance of the instructions of use and maintenance by the Buyer. Depending on the manufacturer’s availability and the place where the product was manufactured, the Seller undertakes to repair and replace the product, during the warranty period, within maximum 30 days.

If because of an unpredictable event the manufacturer cannot remedy or replace the product within the legal term of 16 calendar days, then the countervalue of the Good is repaid within 16 calendar days.


The return period for unsealed products that are not exempted from return is 15 calendar days from the date when the Product enters into the physical possession of the Buyer.

The return period for any product that has not been removed from the original package is 15 calendar days.

The following products cannot be returned:

– returned products not accompanied by all the received documents (invoice, receipt, warranty certificate, etc.)

– sealed products that cannot be returned for health safety or hygiene reasons and which have been unsealed by the Buyer

– products manufactured in compliance with the specification presented by the Buyer or customized

The returned products need to be in the same condition as the one in which these were delivered (in the original package, with all the accessories, intact labels and accompanying documents)

– Products without original accessories and components
– Products with traces left by assembly or modifications
– Products not sold by reclaimedoak.ro
– Products with unsealed packaging (care products)

Our operators will offer you support in choosing the return method and the necessary details concerning the shipping address for the products, wrapping and contacting the courier company.

The warranty covers material or manufacturing defects and the products exhibiting these types of defects will be replaced within the warranty period with new ones, in compliance with the law. The warranty period starts from the date specified on the sales invoice of the product.  

The www.reclaimedoak.ro warranty is cancelled in the following conditions:

Defects occurring after reception of the product as a result of: handling, transport, assembly or installation services carried out by the Buyer.

The dulling or glossing of the materials over time, within normal limits and normal wear and tear conditions of the product are accepted and not considered defects.

The dulling or glossing of the materials over time, within normal limits and normal wear and tear conditions of the product are accepted and not considered defects.

  • Changes in the colour of the product because of extensive exposure to sun light, to a heat source or water, colour migration (plastic, chemical substances, cosmetic products) in contact with the deteriorated product;
  • Failure to comply with the intended use inside, without direct exposure to external factors (sun, rain)
  • Perforations, sticking other guide marks or materials onto the product;
  • Tears or scratches as a result of an impact or faulty handling by the Buyer;
  • Defects occurring due to humidity, cleaning with inappropriate cleaning products, inappropriate use of the product, other defects for which the product hasn’t been designed, tested and manufactured;
  • Defects resulting from inappropriate storage conditions at the Buyer;
  • If other heavy products have been stored on the product
  • If the doors or drawers are misaligned because of uneven loading of the cabinets, stands
  • The maximum load for the drawers if for 14kg shelves;
  • Changes made to the furniture by the Buyer with additional varnishing substances or other substances;

Return is accepted only if the product/products are accompanied by all the shipping documents.


The Buyer may surrender and/or subcontract to third parties services related to the fulfilment of Orders, by informing the Buyer, without his previous consent. The Seller will always be held responsible by the Buyer for all its contractual obligations.


The content and design of www.reclaimedoak.ro, as well as any material connected to it, sent to you by email or provided to you by any other means (for instance, articles, design, product description or any other materials) belong to the Company and/or its collaborators – where this is explicitly specified – (ownership) and are protected by the legislation concerning intellectual property.

You may not use, reproduce of allow anyone to use or reproduce www.reclaimedoak.ro materials without the consent of the company.

The Seller reserves the right to change or add new rules and restrictions concerning the content of the website, at any time.


None of the parties will be held responsible for the nonfulfillment of its contractual obligations if such a nonfulfillment is due to an Act of God. Act of God represents an unpredictable, absolutely invincible and unavoidable event.


In compliance with the requirements of Law. No. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and completed.

The Seller will gather and process personal data only in compliance with the law and for the purpose of market research, tracking and monitoring of sales and of the Buyer’s behaviour. According to the provisions of this law, users have the right to be informed (art. 12), access data (art. 13), intervene (art. 14), oppose (art. 15) and not be subjected to individual decisions (art. 17) and address the court (art. 18).

With a written request, dated, signed and sent to the address specified on the website you may ask for confirmation whether your personal data is processed or not.

By filling out your personal data in the order form on the website you explicitly consent to being contacted by the Seller or by its marketing service providers and for your personal data to be used exclusively for the purpose of promoting and improving the products.   The content of this website is not intended for minors. Thus, the minimal age of the registered users must be 18.


The contractual relationships between the parties are governed by the Romanian law. Any litigation that cannot be solved amicably will be forwarded to the competent courts. Competence lies with the Satu Mare Court or Satu Mare High Court, as the case may be.